2017 National Games Opening Ceremony Tickets Online Ticket Buying Address

2017 National Games Opening Ceremony Tickets Online Ticket Buying Address
Tianjin Northern News: According to the requirements of the 13th National Games Organizing Committee, an opening ceremony preview is scheduled for August 23, 2017.From August 5th, tickets for the opening preview will be sold online and on-site. Tickets are priced at 200 yuan, 300 yuan, and 400 yuan.  Tickets for the preview show are sold in real-name.The real-name system information is provided by the ticket purchaser when purchasing tickets online and on-site, and the ticket purchaser enters the venue with the ticket purchase certificate and preview tickets.  1. Ticket Purchase Method (1) Online Ticket Purchase 1. From 10:00 AM on August 5, the public can log in to the official ticketing port of the 13th National Games to purchase tickets directly.The specific online ticket purchase method is as follows:   http://www.tianjin2017.gov.cn/——Online ticket purchase window;    2. The public can follow the official official ticket of the 13th National Games, the only designated public account of the National Games, through WeChat on the mobile phone to purchase event tickets.  (2) On-site ticket purchase starting from 10:00 am on August 5, you can go directly to the ticket office of the Tianjin Stadium, the official ticket office of the 13th National Games (near Binshui West Road).  2. Ticketing Consultation  The public can call the ticket service hotline 022-83801888 to inquire about ticketing information related to this competition.(Hou Jing, Editor of Jinyun-North.com) Original title: Tickets for the preview of the opening ceremony of the National Games begin to be sold.

Foreign Exchange Administration: Although affected by the epidemic, cross-border capital flows from the main channels are basically stable

Foreign Exchange Administration: Although affected by the epidemic, cross-border capital flows from the main channels are basically stable
According to the official website of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, a few days ago, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange announced data on the settlement and sale of foreign exchange by banks and foreign collections by banks on behalf of customers in February 2020.The spokesperson of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange and Chief Economist Wang Chunying answered questions from reporters on the February 2020 foreign exchange revenue and expenditure guidelines.Q: What are the characteristics of foreign exchange receipts and expenditures expected in February 2020?A: Despite the impact of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, the foreign exchange market was generally stable in February.Main performance: First, the supply and demand of the foreign exchange market maintained a basic balance.In February, the bank had a surplus of 14.2 billion US dollars in foreign exchange settlement and sale. After comprehensively considering other supply and demand factors such as forward and expenditure, the overall supply and demand situation in the foreign exchange market was basically balanced.Second, the non-banking sector’s foreign-related revenues and expenditures continued their net inflow.In February, the surplus of foreign-related receipts and payments of non-banking sectors such as enterprises and individuals in developing countries was US $ 9.6 billion, an increase of 5% over the previous month.The third is that foreign exchange reserves are basically stable, and changes in scale are mainly affected by variable factors such as exchange rate conversion and changes in asset prices.Fourth, the RMB exchange rate fluctuated in two directions within a reasonable range, and the exchange rate was expected to be reasonable.The domestic foreign exchange market has shown a more rational, orderly and mature development trend, and the cross-border capital flows of the main channels have remained basically stable.It is helpful for market participants to expect foreign exchange settlement and sales to be generally stable.In February, measure the expected foreign exchange settlement, that is, the ratio of foreign exchange sales of customers to banks to foreign exchange income of foreign customers is 59%, which is an increase of 5 alternatives compared with the same period in 2019; consider the exchange rate of foreign exchange purchases, that is, customers from banksThe ratio of the purchase of foreign exchange to the client ‘s foreign-related foreign exchange expenditure was 62%, a decrease of 3 transactions from the same period in 2019.At the same time, from the main channels, in February, the trade in goods, direct investment in foreign exchange settlement and sales, and foreign-related receipts and payments continued to have a surplus pattern; foreign investors increased their net holdings of domestic bonds by $ 14 billion, compared with a net increase of $ 1.4 billion in January.At present, the prevention and control measures for chronic diseases are improving, enterprises resume work in an orderly manner, stable and sound foreign exchange policy measures have been introduced one after another, and the fundamentals and internal upward trend of the long-term domestic economy have not changed.At the same time, the long-term opening to the outside world has continued to deepen and promote, the domestic business environment has gradually improved, the degree of internationalization of the capital market has continued to increase, and RMB assets are still attractive to transfer globally, laying a foundation for gradually expanding the stable operation of the foreign exchange market.Editor Li Weijia

Wang Zhelin ushered in the strongest helper, the best domestic competition is still to be continued

Wang Zhelin ushers in the strongest helper
Wang Zhelin and Zhou Qi had defeated the first round of the season.Figure / Osports Beijing News News Wang Zhelin’s helper is coming, will the Fujian men’s basketball team improve?In the new season of the CBA League 4 rounds, the Fujian team announced today that Stadmeier will replace guard Eric Green.Starting from the game against the Bayi men’s basketball team on the evening of the 13th, Stoudemire will represent the Fujian men’s basketball team in the 2019-2020 season CBA league.In these 4 rounds, the Fujian men’s basketball team played very hard and did not taste a victory at the beginning of the season.The team lost to Zhejiang Guangsha 90 to 93, lost to Shanxi 107 to 115, lost to Qingdao 119 to 125, and lost to Xinjiang 120 to 127 in the previous round.In the first four seasons losing streak, the Fujian men’s basketball team had to take some actions.After 4 rounds, the five teams of the CBA have not won in the new season, and the Fujian Men’s Basketball Team is one of them.In four games, the Fujian team averaged 109 points per game and ranked 8th out of 20 teams. It seemed to have no problem, but in terms of average points per game, the team ranked third with 115 points.It is worth mentioning that although the core Wang Zhelin is currently averaging 26.The 3-point data ranks 16th in the league and ranks first among domestic players, but the last game was “hit” by Zhou Qi, which may become one of the reasons why the club immediately decided to replace foreign aid.In the last round of losing to Xinjiang, Wang Zhelin scored 27 points, 9 rebounds, and finally left 6 offenses, but Zhou Qi scored a career-high 35 points in front of him.Zhou Qi’s joining made Xinjiang’s strength upgrade, but Wang Zhelin led the team to surround the quagmire with help.Stoudemire made a casual appearance with the team before.Figure / Osports under such expectations, the voice of Stoudemire sounded.When Stoudemire joined the CBA, he caused a lot of sensation, but he was originally regarded as the third foreign aid by the Fujian team because of the late arrival time. So far, he has not obtained a chance to play.However, can 37-year-old Stoudemire become the team’s savior, will his appearance affect the distribution of ball rights?The internal attack and defense pressure of the Fujian Air Force is on Wang Zhelin alone. Will the arrival of Stoudemire liberate him?The answers to all these questions are reset and tomorrow’s game begins to be announced one after another.CBA’s first “Battle of the Kings” in the new season is indeed Zhou Qi won the game, but after all, it is only the first round of the two.Who will win the next meeting and win the data?Of course, only Wang Zhelin, who was “released”, is expected to continue the battle for “the best insider in China.”

2017 Snooker World Championship live video address Snooker World Championship online watch_1

2017 Snooker World Championship live video address Snooker World Championship Online Watch
The 2017 World Snooker Championship will be held from April 15th to May 1st at the Krusburgh Theatre in Sheffield, England. After the Chinese game, the top 16 players in the world will directly enter the race as seed players.The qualifiers will determine another 16 players, and a total of 15 players from the Chinese Legion will participate in the qualifiers.Defending champion Selby, five-time champion O’Sullivan, talented teenager Trump and other famous players will all participate in the competition. Chinese top players Ding Junhui, Liang Wenbo and Fu Jiajun will also play together.In the first round, 19 wins and 10 wins will be used. In the second round and quarter-finals, 25 wins and 13 wins will be used. In the semifinals, 33 wins and 17 wins will be used. In the finals, 35 wins and 18 wins will be used.The total prize money of this World Championship is up to 1.91 million pounds, of which the winner will get 37.A prize of £50,000.2017 Snooker World Championship video live address: Click to enter the final meal of the    season-World Championship (April 15) is about to kick off, 144 players split the total prize money of £1.91 million, competing for the final 37.50,000 pounds high prize money.  The World Championships are generally divided into five rounds, the first round is 19 wins and 10 wins, divided into the first and second half; the second round is 25 wins and 13 wins, divided into upper, middle and lower three games; the third round is the quarter-finals, the same is25 innings, 13 wins, divided into upper, middle, and lower three games; the fourth round is a semi-final, 33 innings, 17 wins, finished in four games; the final round is the final, 35 innings, 18 wins, finished in four games.延伸阅读:2017年斯诺克世锦赛赛程对阵:丁俊晖首轮上演中国德比2017斯诺克世锦赛签表出炉:6位中国选手晋级 斯诺克世锦赛夺冠赔率:火箭第3 丁俊晖第4 上Page123Next

Liu Yifei’s Hua Mulan Thousands of Auditions

Liu Yifei’s “Hua Mulan” Thousands of Auditions
If there is no epidemic, we already saw the live-action version of “Mulan” at the end of March.Democracy, the discussion about whether Liu Yifei is suitable for “Mulan” has been hotly searched, but in any case, this is after all a year of Disney’s careful decision after interviewing nearly 1,000 audition actors after a year of searching.In fact, it seems that casting is a process of screening actors. The test is the actors and the nervous actors, but in fact, the casting director is also very excited and nervous.The actor does not know what his performance is, and the casting director is the same, looking forward to it and having something.It can be said that the audition is a very exciting thing, the whole process is like a large experiment, free and fun.Liu Yifei audition screenshots.I have been overseas for many years and had the opportunity to participate in several small auditions-I followed the boss to select amateur actors in Australia. I was fortunate to participate in the director group in a TV series in the United States and helped an Australian director audition for local actors in the UK.Accompanying a director friend from Vienna to France and then to Germany, an actress, chatting and generally choosing the favorite male and female owners.The experiences are different in several times, but in general, the audition in the casting is definitely the most important, but in addition to considering the actor’s appearance, line skills, performance talent and experience, the actor’s schedule, pay, and coffee are alsoThere will be a big data-like form.As far as Hollywood is concerned, after independent producers and production companies share the world, casting has become a part of a mature business system, from professional casting companies, actors database, to value assessment files, with additional processes likeExtremely professional standard pipeline operation.It is a system that seems to be the most conservative and checks and balances the powers of directors, producers and investors.The most basic sequence and steps, such as my observation and experience a few years ago, is to first find a familiar casting team. The casting director under this team system starts to find suitable actors through various channels.Of course, the casting directors under the casting system will also have their own backup actor database. They will also contact the actor union. The union will give all qualified actors according to the actor’s needs, and then see if the schedule is appropriate.In this way, a list of actors to be selected will come to fruition, so that it is not yet time to arrange an interview for the time.Lan Yingying audition screenshots.To the list, the casting team will have a formula derived from its own system. In short, it will probably measure the ups and downs of the actor ‘s recent works, various individual and individual heat data, compensation, return on investment, popularity index and other elements.Therefore, each actor’s own dynamic value coefficient is then shown to investors.In the end, under the right budget, choose the right actors to enter the candidate, and this is the stage of audition.In the audition, in addition to the director and producer, the agent of the actors’ union will also participate.During the audition, the actor directed the camera to complete the specified performance subtitles.Sometimes, in order to filter in large quantities, a remote audition will be conducted, which is to give a script fragment, let the actor try the scene against the camera, and then submit the recorded segment.Only after the primary election will there be a pair of auditions face-to-face with the director, which is the second round.Many times, an audition has to go through more than three rounds. For important characters, it also becomes two actors set makeup and then a match. Try to feel the rivalry between them and see if the spark of their interaction is right.But for independent directors, without a casting team, there is not so much process. It is even more a little more “cultivating and encouraging” meaning to bring an assistant to audition for the actors.An actor with a lot of work endorsement may really not be suitable for this role in temperament; a pure white amateur actor may dig up and “have the feeling that the director wants”.This is why many independent film directors like to find newcomers to act, because a piece of white paper can be painted as they want.Of course, there is also a relationship between the volume of the work and the cost savings.Yang Caiyu audition screenshots.In several experiences accompanying the independent director’s trial, the American director was very interesting. When a British girl pushed the door at the time, that feeling was in line with the role of the director’s script.But after a trial, I found it a bit “unfortunate.”what should I do?The director thought she was nervous and acted too hard, so she told her a joke, chatted with her, waited for her to relax, let her try again, and found that acting was “overdone”.So, the director asked the British girl to face a mirror of the wooden board, “face yourself” first, and then look for “the most natural feeling”.In the shallow experience I have been fortunate to participate in, I have seen the director who saw the actor acting without vitality and stopped the trial on the spot.The inspiration of the screenwriter on the spot changed the plot of the script on the spot.In short, during the casting process, there is a “reason” that has always been maintained, that is, before casting, the role is greater than the actor; but after the audition, the actor is higher than the role.And most of the time, no matter in which country, whether the project is large or small, the most critical audition environment in the casting is not a fixed process that can be replaced by standardization and assembly lines, but an autonomous art creation process.In this process, the actors are stimulated, and the directors and screenwriters are also affected.□ Qiu Xiaomo (drama reviewer) editor of Sauna Night Net Wu Longzhen proofreads Wei Zhuo

Believe in the future is about to open the second half of the future, composed of popular and cutting-edge units

“Believe in the future” is about to open the second half of the future, composed of popular and cutting-edge units
On May 10th, the fourth half of the “Believing in the Future” online charity show “Special Future” began at 19:30 on time. Like the first half, the chief planner Gao Xiaosong still introduced the highlights of the performance.Gao Xiaosong said, “Believe in the future” will have a second half of the special session in the future. It will consist of two popular and cutting-edge units. In the popular unit, you will hear many performances by Jiang Yingrong, Liu Xijun, Huang Ying, etc .; in the new unit, everyone will watchTo Chen Xuening, Chen Yihan Estelle, Huang Xiaoyun, Wang Ziyi and a series of very outstanding new musicians.[Coordinates in the second half]: Bai Jugang, BlackACE, Chen Xiang, Chen Xuening, Chen Yihan Estelle, Duoliang, Fu Longfei, Caring for Yan, Hong Zhiguang, Huang Xiaoyun, Huang Yali, Huang Ying, Jiang Yingrong, Jeffrey Dong Youlin, Jin Chi, Li Xiaoyun, Liu Meilin, Liu Xijun, Ping An, Qian ZhengHao, sis group, Song Bingyang, Tang Fei, Tang Hanxiao, Tang Jiuzhou, UNINE He Changxi, Wang Zhengliang, Wang Ziyi, Wu Jiacheng, Xu Fangzhou, Xue Kaiqi, Ye Yuhan, Yu Fei, Yun Duo, Zhang Hexuan, Zhang Yuqi, Zhao Youqiao, Zheng Xing.Sauna, Night Net Editor Liu Zhen Wu Longzhen proofreading Li Ming

2014 World Cup Costa Rica VS England score prediction historical record analysis who will win _1

2014 World Cup Costa Rica VS England score prediction historical record analysis who will win
Costa Rica VS England score prediction analysis: 1:1 or 1:2 or 2:1 2014 World Cup Costa Rica VS England who will win?Update on June 25, 2014 Costa Rica VS England results: Costa Rica 0-0 England This game is a game of D group irrelevant qualifying rights, the England team has lost two defeats in the first two games, Costa Rica has become one of this groupA large number of dark horses win two races, defeating the former world champions Uruguay and Italy to qualify for a round ahead. Whether Costa Rica will continue to play the role of dark horse.2014 World Cup Costa Rica VS England score prediction historical record analysis who will win the 2014 World Cup group stage second round Costa Rica VS England who will win 2014 World Cup World Cup Costa Rica and England team gap comparison National team 23 player list jersey number announced Costa Rica VS England two teams start predictionGreens Rica (5-4-1) goalkeeper: No. 1 Navas guard: No. 16 Gamboa, No. 6 Duarte, No. 3 Giancarlo Gonzalez, No. 4 Umana, 15Dias midfielder: No. 10 Ruiz, No. 5 Boggs, No. 17 Teyed, No. 7 Borranos Striker: No. 9 Campbell England (4231): Goalkeeper: 1- Hart guard:2-Johnson, 5-Cahill, 6-Jiagilka, 3-Baines midfielder: 4-Gerard, 14-Henderson midfielder: 19-Stirling, 10-Rooney, 11-Welbeck forward: 9-Sturridge Costa Rica VS England historical confrontation record: no history of history Costa Rica previous World Cup results Costa Rica has participated in the World Cup three times before, the best result is the first time, they were in Milutinovic in 1990Appeared to break into the top 16.In 2002, they teamed up with the Chinese team. In the end, the team failed to qualify for the third place.They also failed to qualify for the 2006 World Cup.England’s previous World Cup results. In the Rockets’ 13 World Cup participations, England won the championship in the 1966 home battle. It was the only World Cup that only England won. In addition, England is the best in the World Cup.The result was fourth in the 1990 World Cup in Italy.In the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, England lost to Germany 1-4 in the 1/8 final and was eliminated.In the 2006 and 2002 World Cups, England stopped at the quarterfinals.Recommended reading: 2014 World Cup Italy VS Uruguay score prediction historical record analysis who will win 2014 World Cup Japan VS Colombia score prediction historical record analysis who will win 2014 World Cup Greece VS C?te d’Ivoire score prediction historical record analysis who will win

The Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team Asian Cup won the second-line axial straight to defeat the South Korean team in 3 games

The Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team Asian Cup won the second-line axial straight to defeat the South Korean team in 3 games
The 4th Women’s Volleyball Asian Cup ended in Shenzhen last night. In the final, the Chinese women’s volleyball team with the second line aimed at the Chinese women’s volleyball team directly defeated the South Korean team by 3 games, and won the championship with an excellent record of 6 wins.This is after the Asian Championships in 2011, the Chinese women’s volleyball team won the Asian championship after three years.In the third place battle, Kazakhstan defeated Japan 3-2 to win the bronze medal.Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team Asian Cup wins this year, the Chinese team, the Japanese team, and the Thai team are divided into two teams, sending the main level one to prepare for the women’s volleyball world championship, and sending second-tier players to play in the Asian Cup.The South Korean team did not qualify for the World Championships, so they sent their main force to Shenzhen to participate in the Asian Cup.In the final round of the group stage, the Chinese team defeated the South Korean team in the next three games. After that, the two teams passed through all the way and finally met again in a narrow road.  Last night, a large number of fans went to the Shenzhen Universiade Stadium to cheer for the Chinese team, and the atmosphere was quite warm.The Chinese team continues to play the youth card: among the starting players, in addition to the secondary attack Yan Ni, the main attack is Zhang Changning, Liu Yanhan, the secondary attack Zhang Xiaoya, the second set Ding Xia, the response Wang Qi and the free agent Huang Liuyan are both after 90, the average age is 20Early years.The South Korean team is headed by star veteran Jin Yanjing.  The progress of this campaign is very similar to the match between the two sides in the group stage.After the opening, the two teams quickly entered the state, fighting against each other, and the score increased alternately.At a critical moment, the Chinese team won a counterattack opportunity by fighting to serve, and went to the two cities 28 to 26 and 26 to 24 first.In the third game, the Chinese team took the lead to win the game.At the end of the game, Jin Yanjing’s strong attack helped the team chase points one after another, once reducing the difference with the Chinese team to 1 point, but at the last moment Liu Yanhan’s deduction was finalized, the Chinese team finally locked the victory 25 to 22.  At the moment when the final whistle sounded, the Chinese substitute players all rushed into the court and celebrated the victory with their teammates in a circle.Since reaching the Asian Championships in 2011, the Chinese women’s volleyball team lost the championship in the next two Asian competitions, especially in the Asian Cup finals in 2012. The Chinese team lost to the Thailand team and lost the championship, causing widespread concern.At this time, although the Chinese team at home is sending out the second-line part, Lienke rivals and eventually regained the Asian Cup championship.In the single award selection after the game, veteran Yan Ni was selected as the most famous player, Zhang Changning, Liu Yanhan, Yan Ni and Ding Xia were shortlisted for the best positions.  Next, this Chinese women’s volleyball team composed of second-line players will move to Incheon, South Korea to participate in the quadrennial Asian Games.Coach Xu Jiande, who coached this team, said that although he is not playing in the main ranking, the team will still strive for the championship. Since the team training in early August this year, we hope to make a difference in the Asian Games.He also said that the biggest opponent at that time was the host Korea team. Of course, the Japanese team and the Kazakhstan team also overcome the strength. This time the Asian Cup championship has improved our self-confidence, but it also exposed the problem of ups and downs and insufficient cooperation.The Asian Games is an away game, and I hope that the team members will adjust their mentality and state to meet greater challenges.  The Incheon Asian Games will open on the 19th of this month, and the volleyball competition will start on the 20th.Looking back at the previous Asian Games, the Chinese women’s volleyball team won the championship for four consecutive years from 1998 to 2010. If it can win this time, it will tie the Asian women’s volleyball team’s record of 5 consecutive championships.(Reporter Huang Zhiyang)


­  图为比赛现场。 周毅 摄­  中新网重庆5月11日电 (记者 刘相琳)2017年全国沙滩排球巡回赛首站比赛11日在重庆云阳举行。此次比赛是中国最高等级的全国沙滩排球单项赛事首次在西南地区举行,来自全国各地的57支队伍的114名运动员将在4天时间里进行冠亚军角逐。­  全国沙滩排球巡回赛是经国家体育总局批准,列入《全国性单项体育协会竞技体育重要赛事名录》的赛事,是国家体育总局排球管理中心主办的最重要的全国沙滩排球赛事之一,也是中国最高等级的全国沙滩排球单项赛事。2017年全国沙滩排球巡回赛共10站,重庆云阳站比赛是巡回赛首站。本站比赛也是今年天津全运会的资格赛。­  与以往在滨海城市举行沙滩排球赛不同的是,此次赛事在内陆城市举行。为此,主办方特地从福建漳州运送了1.1万吨海沙。整个比赛场地沙滩分为4个比赛区域和2个练习区域,比赛场地包括比赛场区和无障碍区,比赛期间4场比赛同时进行。­  本次全国沙滩排球巡回赛采用积分制,参赛队伍包括天津、辽宁、上海、江苏、浙江、湖北、福建、山东、海南、云南、新疆、山西、宁夏、四川、重庆及中国香港特别行政区等16个省区市行业体协和解放军专业运动员。其中,男队30支,女队27支。­  全国沙滩排球巡回赛重庆云阳站的比赛为期四天,前两天为小组赛,后两天为单败淘汰赛,四天时间内共举行123场比赛,争夺比赛20万元总奖金。

Demon Stock Metamorphosis: Play More Receives Concern Letter Shenzhen Stock Exchange Names Committed to Downfall

“Demon Stock” Metamorphosis: “Play More” Receives Concern Letter Shenzhen Stock Exchange Names Committed to Downfall
After the A-share index closed up the whole day before, on March 11, the two cities closed down again, and 2621 stocks fell.Under the haze of the new crown pneumonia epidemic and the “crude oil price war”, the global stock market was frustrated, and the Shanghai Stock Index also entered a period of shock in nearly 10 trading days.In fact, the remaining stocks went against the market and continued to grow.Sauna, Yewang combed and found that until the closing on March 11, except for new stocks such as Liangpin Shop, BOC Securities, Baobian Electric, Hite Bio, Guoen Shares, and Haiyuan Fucai have increased by more than 100% in the past 10 trading days., Which can be doubled continuously.These companies even “collectively” warned of the risks, but the rally has stopped.However, there are exceptions.The Shenzhen Stock Exchange disclosed on March 6 that it continued to carry out key monitoring of the “Saturday”, which has experienced an abnormal increase for many consecutive days.On that day, after the thrilling drama on “Saturday”, it may have fallen for three consecutive days.4 The company started the “explosion mode”, up to 10 trading days of continuous daily limit and stop interest rate. On March 11, according to Oriental Fortune Choice data, Baobian Electric has grown for 11 consecutive trading days, gradually expanding by 165.57%, while Hite Bio, Guoen Co., Ltd. and Haiyuan Composite Materials have also risen for 10 consecutive trading days, 9 trading days and 8 trading days respectively, with a gradual growth rate of 140 each.03%, 135.86% and 110.61%.The main transformer and transformer Baobao Electric’s 11 consecutive trading days of growth began on February 26, of which nearly 10 trading days of continuous daily limit, has been from 3.05 yuan / share increased to 8 closed on March 11.10 yuan / share, a gradual increase of 165.57%.The reporter noticed that as early as February 7 this year, the listed company Baoding Tianwei Baobian Electric Co., Ltd. (stock abbreviation: Baobian Electric 600550) held a board meeting and passed relevant indicators on the company ‘s non-public offering of stocks, and thenOn February 25, 2020, a revised version of the plan for the non-public offering of A shares was disclosed.At present, China Weaponry Equipment Group Co., Ltd., which has obtained the controlling shareholder’s shareholding rights from Baobian Electric for its non-public stock issue, has raised a total of no more than US $ 500 million. The final subscription price will be determined after the approval of the CSRC is issued.Guoen and Hite Biotech were sought after in the secondary market for “mask materials” and “new medicines” respectively.On February 27 this year, the listed company Qingdao Guoen Technology Co., Ltd. (stock abbreviation: Guoen Shares 002768) disclosed that the “2019 Annual Results Express” showed that the company has been working in the field of polymer modification for more than 20 years, facing the melt blown masks.Due to the shortage of polypropylene in the epidemic situation, the company set up a project team as soon as possible after the resumption of work, and carried out equipment transformation based on the reorganized formula. According to different product grades (including N95 masks) and customer requirements, masterbatch addition and blending were used.Two processes were launched to quickly complete the large-scale production of melt-blown polypropylene for masks.Affected by the above-mentioned news, since February 28, Guoen shares have been in a daily limit of 9 consecutive days, from 23.RMB 70 / share rose to the closing price of 55 on March 11.90 yuan / share, a gradual increase of 135.86%.Before and after, the listed company Wuhan Haite Bio-Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (stock abbreviation: Haite Bio 300683) disclosed on February 26 that its phase III clinical trial of a new anti-cancer drug was blinded, and the results reached expectations.From the next day, Hite Bio has been able to grow continuously for 10 consecutive trading days, and the daily limit for nearly 9 consecutive trading days has been increased from 31.98 yuan / share rose to 76 closed on March 11.76 yuan / share, an increase of 140.03%.Haiyuan Fucai’s “play more” received the letter, and the risk warning did not affect the proportion of the rally, while Haiyuan’s “play code” caused a little more.Starting from the disclosure of the transfer of control rights on January 16 of this year and the disclosure of the closing of the pledged shares of shareholders on January 19, the listed company Fujian Haiyuan Composite Material Technology Co., Ltd. (stock abbreviation: Haiyuan Fucai 002529) has staged “transfer control”Rights-the controlling shareholder pledged to be liquidated-termination of the transfer of control rights-re-transfer of control rights “scenario, continuous growth for nearly 8 trading days, gradually expanding by 110.61%.The difference is that Haiyuan Fucai has received the letter of concern issued by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on March 2.In fact, after the sustainable start of the “inflation mode”, the above companies have already warned of risks.However, as of the close of trading on March 11, the four companies have continued to grow, and all of them still closed at the daily limit.On March 9th, Baobian Electric warned of risk measurement. The company expects to achieve a net profit of approximately 15 million attributable to shareholders of listed companies in 2019. Compared with the same period of last year, it will achieve a turnaround, but it may be 49.8 million yuan after deduction.Around 2019, it is estimated that in 2018, the net profit of the non-returning mother will be negative, and the profitability of the main business will be weak.Absolute value, Baobian Electric said that the company’s annual asset-liability ratio is high, and the asset-liability ratio at the end of the third quarter of 2018 and 2019 was 86.62% and 86.52%.As of the end of the third quarter of 2019, the company has not cashed the balance of monetary funds5.3 billion, short-term borrowing 25.3.5 billion US dollars, there is a funding gap.In addition, on March 10th, Guoen announced the exception of stock trading exceptions. The company already has 15 production lines for meltblown polypropylene special materials, and it also prompts risk weighing. The company’s masks use meltblown polypropylene products inStarted production in mid-February this year, and finally the company has achieved a daily output of 150 tons, which accounts for a small amount of the overall business segment of the company; meltblown polypropylene for masks is only one of the company ‘s products, and other parts of the company ‘s products are currently to a certain extent.Be adversely affected by the epidemic.As early as a day or two before some companies, Hite Bio advised on March 8 that the results of its new anti-cancer drugs will not have a significant impact on the company ‘s recent performance, but only the preliminary analysis of key data, which is complete, effective and safe.Sexual results will be subject to the final analysis results of the statistical analysis report.New drug R & D is affected by many factors such as technology, approval, and policies. There are many uncertain risks related to the progress of R & D and future product market competition trends.Deformation of “demon stock”: Focused on Saturday monitoring, the reporter sitting in front of the roller coaster noticed that the exchange has recently supervised some of the serious increase in stocks.This year, there are not a few stocks that have experienced serious growth in the short term. “Saturday (002291)” and “Sou Yute (002503)” are among the “outstanding leaders.”However, on March 6, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange revealed that it continued to conduct key monitoring on the “Saturday” and “Souyute”, which have experienced abnormal increases for many consecutive days, and took timely regulatory measures.Since December 13, 2019, it has risen from less than 7 yuan all the way around Saturday and climbed to 36 at the highest.56 yuan / share.This can be said to be a hot Internet celebrity economic concept leader has twice staged the thrilling drama of late-stage explosives.Among them, as of January 17th, the first late-breaker board, on Saturday, achieved 16 daily limit within 24 trading days.This is generally believed to have benefited from the online celebrity e-commerce Li Ziqi on Saturday, but as early as last year, on Saturday, investors had responded to investors on the online platform, “Li Ziqi is not the company’s contracted celebrity.”On Saturday, March 6, I received a letter of concern from the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, asking the company to indicate whether there are other non-information disclosure channels to actively cater to “new retail”, “webcast” and other market hotspots, conduct company frying hype and cooperate with shareholders to reduceHold the facts.On the evening of March 11th, he responded to the letter of concern on Saturday, denying that the hot spot hype was achieved.Regarding the “whether or not your company’s operating conditions and internal and external operating environment are or are expected to undergo major changes” proposed by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, there was no positive answer on Saturday, but it re-raised again that this outbreak is expected to occur within a certain period of time.The offline sales business has a competitive impact.However, as of the close of the day, Saturday may decrease by 4.82%, reported 25.86 yuan / share, gradually reduced by 22 in the last 4 trading days.04%.The other “monster stock” that is being monitored is produced from epidemic materials such as cross-border masks such as youth casual clothing of the “trend front” brand.On February 12, the collected announcement announced that the company will invest in the establishment of a wholly-owned subsidiary, Dongguan City, to collect medical supplies Co., Ltd., the business scope (to be planned) includes medical sanitary masks, protective clothing, gauze, non-woven fabrics, etc.Then in 10 trading days from February 25 to March 9, Sohuite once walked out of 8 rising stops, during which the maximum expansion reached 129%.On March 4, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued a concern letter asking the company to indicate whether it has produced and sold medical sanitary masks, protective clothing and other medical devices and related product qualifications.On March 10, Soyute responded that on February 29, the medical supplies company received the relevant filing submitted by the Dongguan Municipal Market Supervision Administration; “medical disposable protective clothing” needs to supplement the test report of skin irritation and other indicators, it is expectedThe product record and production record can be obtained in mid-March.After experiencing a wave of rapid rises, Soyut fell 10 for two consecutive trading days on March 10 and 11.05% and 8.98%, a gradual decline of 18.13%, conservatively closed 4.56 yuan / share.Sauna, Ye Wang Xiao Wei Zhang Zeyan editor Wang Jinyu proofreading Jia Ning reporter contact email: xiaowei @ xjbnews.comzhangzeyan @ xjbnews.com